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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Change Up Review

rating: 10/10

wooooowww i was laughing from beginning to end in this movie xD it was awesome to see ryan reynolds play a role like this, ive never seen this personality from him before, but he pulled it off perfect and had me laughing the entire time. there definitely was ALOT of uneeded nudity throughout the movie, but for all you pervs out there, youll like what you get on top of the hilarious comedy xD Not only does the movie deliver amazing comedic value, but also a REALISTIC moral value taught in the movie that actually spoke to me, (and that NEVER happens). They also dont blatantly state the moral theme either "GUESS YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR WATCHA HAVE HUH MITCH?!?!" no -.- for those mature enough to see the movie, youll understand and appreciate the moral without being slapped in the face with it xD so overall, hilarious and awesome movie that id DEFINITELY recommend for anyone to see x)

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